our 10 Best Songs To Wake Up To

The way you start your day can set the course for the next 24 hours of your life, therefore it’s fundamental to get started on the right track, starting with your alarm clock.

Starting your day literally “alarmed” can have tortuous affects on your physiology, raising your heart rate and your blood pressure; you’re effectively spending the first few minutes of your day stressed out.

The sounds which you choose to wake you out of your slumber should be soothing, upbeat and make you feel good and now with huge numbers of people relying on their smartphone to get them out of bed in the morning and with functionality allowing you to assign your very own songs to your alarms, we have some suggestions on a few nice ways to wake up:

1. Hey - Jurassic 5

Those sublime opening notes, then with the drop of a lazy hip hop beat. A slice of the lazy Los Angeles sound to rouse you up with attitude in the right way.

2. Birdwatching in Inner Forest (Penguin Cafe Remix)

This is my permanent waker upper, the mix of gentle persuasive guitar, beautifully subtle sub bass and dawn chorus interludes nudges you out of sleep state in the most perfect way.

3. So Easy - Royskopp

The first track of Melody AM is an absolute peach to wake up to, a modern day choral symphony, plucked harp strings and a steady drum break will get in the right morning rhythm.

4. Peg - Steely Dan

Bursting with positivity and good vibes, this catchy yacht rock number will literally make you rise and shine (oh and you’ll have an earworm all day long)!

5. Cymande - Bra

This stone cold classic will be sure to bring you strutting in your day and make you feel like you’re hanging out at the corner of the block in 1973. P.s. It’s all about that bassline and cowbell solo at 2 mins 51.

6. Talking Heads - Naive Melody

It may make you think about staying home when you have to go to work, but you will have a beautiful, gentle caressing earworm all day.

7. Nightmares On Wax - The Sweetest

Eases you into the day with some big fat dub, a saccharine vocal, a cool hook and a touch of hammond organ that will make you feel a bit cheeky in the AM.

8. Jamie Lidell - Multiply

The juxtaposition of slightly melancholy lyrics and bright and breezy melody and bassline will wake you up and get you singing your way into your day.

9. Betty - Degiheugi

Kinda chill hop, kinda sweet but guaranteed to provide endless smiles while getting your morning routine underway.

10. The Promise - Hampshire & Foat

Ambient, sublime and dreamy this short lil number will tease you awake so gently, it will be like a gentle caress from a sonic angel!

That's all from me folks! I hope you enjoy waking up with positive vibes to your own eclectic beats.

Big Love from Elle B